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Our passion for animals fuels our commitment to the veterinary community. We are committed to delivering animal health products that meet and exceed the highest quality standards.
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At Ivaoes Animal Health, we are dedicated to manufacturing safe and high-quality pharmaceuticals for the veterinary community.  Our goal is to bring cGMP pharmaceuticals in oncology, sedation and pain management through the Center For Veterinary Medicine (“CVM”) registration process for distribution in the United States.

We believe that every companion animal deserves the best possible treatment, and we’re committed to providing veterinarians with reliable, safe, and effective pharmaceuticals.  Veterinarians deserve access to crucial medications without the limitations of unavailable or restricted options.

Your partner in accessible animal healthcare.

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We are more than just a pharmaceutical provider.

We are a company that cares.  Our products are widely available through our authorized distributors or for purchase directly from us. Currently, we offer Rapanofal®, the only propofol injectable emulsion product approved for use in both dogs and cats. In addition to Ivaoes’ products, we assist other organizations in their journey to register, commercialize, and distribute their CVM-approved products.

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